Top 5 must ride attractions at Disneyland

If you know my family, you know that we are pretty fascinated with all things Disney. Especially Disneyland. However, with the ‘Rona, we now find ourselves with a lot more time to think about what we like about our trips to the Happiest Place on Earth. So today I wrote out all of our favorite rides so that when you’re planning your first trip (or your thousandth) you can make it the most memorable trip yet! Here are my top five rides at Disneyland.


5. Peter Pan’s Flight

How can you go to Disneyland and not ride this?? As one of the most nostalgic rides and stories that Disney has ever produced, no trip is complete without a flight to Neverland. Now, getting on the ride without waiting in a ridiculously long line is a challenge so there are two times that I recommend you ride this attraction: First or Last. If you have a magic morning with your three day park hopper (or extra magic hours if you are a Disney property guest) and you aren’t going to try for the other rides on this list (because they also can occupy this spot), start off right with Peter Pan’s Flight. If you are more than 15 minutes late to the park opening rope-drop, wait until right after the fireworks that night and you will find that the line is a lot shorter.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho! Throughout recent years, Disney has revamped this ride to reflect current Disney character policy but even with those changes, it still makes number 4 on this list! Along with being close to some of the best food in the park, the Disney storytelling magic isn’t lost on this ride. This is a great mid-day/afternoon ride while the sun is beating down on all the other outdoor rides, plus you may even get a little wet (just enough to cool you off and not nearly as much as Splash Mountain!).

3. Indiana Jones Adventure

One of the most popular rides out there but with very quick turn around times, Indiana Jones makes number 3 on this list for telling a unique story as well as providing fun for all ages! I have found it to be a little more thrilling than the previous two rides and it features a lot of cool lighting tricks. Even while you wait in the line, Disney is expanding on the Indiana Jones story. You can ride this at most times of the day (keep an eye on the wait times). Just be careful to not look into the Forbidden Eye!

2. Space Mountain

Honestly, until recently this ride would have been my favorite. Beyond the fact that it was my first real roller coaster, it always tells an interesting story that adapts with the holiday themes of the park. The wind, sounds, and fleeting visuals stimulate all your senses bringing you into the experience. By far, i recommend sitting as close to the front of the train to get more of an immersion effect.

1. Galaxy’s Edge

Yes, I know, this is a section of the park and not a single attraction but hear me out. The level of immersion and detail that went into designing this section of the park is next level. It’s like the queue line to board Indiana Jones x10. There are so many little things to do plus easter eggs hidden around the Rise of the Resistance ride that you could definitely spend a big chunk of your day in just this area. Now, with the rides in this area, make sure to get your “Boarding Pass” right at 8 am or you will miss your chance to ride the attractions!

That’s it for my top 5, are there any that you would change? What is your favorite ride? Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge? Comment below!

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