Temples, Fire, Seafood

Like I mentioned last week, I have recently had the opportunity to volunteer in the City Center Provo Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is something that I do every Saturday and has brought me so much joy. The reason why I am bringing this up again is because today in southern Chile, where I lived for 2 years, a new temple is being dedicated. Each temple is given an immense amount of care in its construction so that it can be a symbol of hope and inspiration for the surrounding community. The temple in Concepcion, Chile is the second for the country and I hope to be able to return to see it for myself one day. Until then, pictures like the one below will have to suffice:


I am so excited for the people of southern Chile and especially the friends that I made there.

That’s what is going on today. Also, I’m making ceviche for dinner #stoked.

Something else that happened this week: my friend Michael and I put on a bonfire! This is turning into a monthly recurring event, though it will probably stop with the snow or be replaced with the Netflix fireplace 😂.

Short and sweet today guys, thanks for reading!

Love you guys,



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