First Week of School: Fall 2018

Well, school has officially started but, if I had to describe my feelings about it at the moment, use these two pictures as your guide:



It’s always a sad day when summer has to end but, reflecting on the good times that were had this summer, I can’t help but smile! I love growth (and this summer was full of it) so if you are interested in knowing how I have grown recently, check out my summer recap blog here 😊.

Fun fact: I’ve never been the best student. Over the years, the reasons behind why have been anything from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, this was mainly in high school) to just not being the best test taker to, quite frankly, not caring about the subject of a class. Disclaimer: I love learning, it’s just formal learning that I struggle with.

Now that I am almost done with college however, my motivation to be a better, more diligent student has increased for one reason: I just want to be done. I want that piece of paper. I want to have that proof that I actually know what I know.

Thankfully, to help me stay motivated, I have registered for some classes that I am actually interested in learning about: Advanced Spanish, Leadership, Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, Managerial Accounting, and Organizational Behavior. I have learned a little about each of these topics in the business classes that I have taken over the years, but it will be nice to round off my knowledge about them. I am particularly excited for my Leadership and Organizational Behavior classes because they will cover topics that I have been curious about for years. Through those classes, I will be able to explore more about how leaders get to where they are and how they can best influence their colleagues.

I will keep you updated on how everything shakes out!

Also, this weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing a production of The Prince of Egypt at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts in Saint George, Utah. I haven’t been to very many musicals in my life, so this was almost as big of a deal as the first week of school. I went with my friend Bayleigh, the same Bayleigh that was my EFY co-counselor for Provo 6A, and some of her friends. It was a very enjoyable trip and I thought the show was especially fantastic. (Although, the live production definitely made the animated movie, which I have seen several times, look biblically accurate 😂.) At the show I ran into a couple of familiar faces that I was surprised to see! (S/O to the Wells and I’m pretty sure I saw my dad’s Uncle Phil)

A huge thank you to the Pancheri Family as well! They graciously invited us to stay at their home in New Harmony after the show and the cover photo for this blog post was taken straight from their backyard. I may just have to go back and explore the beautiful area surrounding their house.

That is a wrap for this week! Whether you are just joining me on this journey or have been their from the beginning, I am so grateful for you all!



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