Post-EFY Summer 2018

This last week was my summer vacation 😆. Also, EFY recovery week and school/new job prep week. Basically, if there was going to be a jack-of-all-trades week for my summer, this was it.


I drove down to Provo from SLC (thankfully, a lot of the rush hour traffic had cleared up 🙏🏽), stopped off at UVU to figure out some classes for this next year 🤓, and met up with my dad for lunch 🍕. All before 1. Then my friend Natalie and I took off to the Heber Valley Camp for an EFY Staff Retreat (via Park City because we were also transporting two of her cousins from Millcreek to Heber). (Side note: After a slight detour, we found ourselves in Park City for dinner and Nat had never eaten at MOD Pizza before. So, of course, we stopped for a quick bite!) Also, saw this gorgeous sunset:

After we arrived at the Retreat, the office staff for EFY basically smashed a super condensed version of an EFY week into a couple of hours (Family Home Evening Lesson, dance party, thankfully with some music not on the standard EFY dance playlist that we listened to all summer long, and the counselor summer slideshow). I met up with both friends that I basically spent the summer with and some that I met on the first day and never saw again.


In the morning, I did a ropes course and zipline and then played a ton of volleyball and spikeball (I had never tried spikeball before but I really enjoyed it!). In the afternoon, My friend Oren and I paddled circles around everyone at the camp lake in our canoe. #cantcatchus #theonlydrycanoe

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about EFY (besides the personal growth I talked about last week) was the opportunity to connect with so many great people. On Tuesday I sat down with a couple of friends and had some great life conversations which testified to me of the strength of those connections. So grateful 🙌🏽


I left a little early from Heber to go home and start to prepare for the rest of the week and upcoming semester (finalizing class registration, school supplies, food, etc.). Then after lunch I headed out to Deer Creek Reservoir to paddle board and play on the floating obstacle course out there.

All together, Monday through Wednesday wiped me out! So the rest of the week was pretty chill…


My sister and I put together dinner and a movie for my dad’s birthday. We finally saw Antman and the Wasp (one of like 10-15 movies on my “To See” list haha) and enjoyed burgers from The Habit. The movie was funny and the burger was delicious 🤗. Also, recently I have discovered a new appreciation for sweet potato fries. Disclaimer: Yes, I tried them in the past but it was only recently that I really started to love them!


I was all over the place on Friday with more time spent at UVU, driving my dad to the SLC airport for his birthday vacay, meeting up with Porter in Lehi to look for some discounted running shoes at the outlets, and making a quick trip to Costco for some last minute food items.


Porter and I decided to undertake a new home improvement project pretty late (like we started at 7pm and didn’t finish until about 11:30 or so lol). Not gonna lie though, movie nights at our apartment are going to be LIT! HMU if you want to come!

Guys, it has been a pretty packed week but I am so grateful for all the experiences that I was able to be a part of. I love you all and thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing!


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