EFY Week 8: Rexburg 01

You know, it’s super hard to condense everything that happens in one week of EFY down to a simple blog post (especially when I don’t start writing until like an hour before I want to post 😅), but I will try my best!

It has been an absolute pleasure being back in Rexburg! I was able to visit with some old friends (Tara and Leanne 😍) and make some new ones as well (a lot of them actually).

My youth this week were phenomenal and I had the privilege to be co counselors with my friend MJ. I have been so blessed with amazing people and interactions this summer! It’s kinda sad but this upcoming week will be the last week of the summer for EFY and then on to more school and work.

I’ll talk about this a little more next week but over the entire summer I have learned a lot about myself and how I should be taking care of my wellbeing. So, in line with that, this last weekend I took off to the mountains, hiking in the Tetons, running through the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, discussions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, camping by a river (actually in a cabin and we watched You’ve Got Mail till like 1am 😬) and early morning yoga sessions. My friend Natalie says it best, “I am so at peace” 😌.

That will do for this week, I love you all! Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and notes 😊.


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