EFY Week 5: Provo 6A

This week was my second week of work in Provo for the summer and it was kinda toasty! We had temperatures reaching into the upper 90s and a lot of time outside with the youth to work with.

Thankfully, I had an amazing co-counselor (just one this week haha), Bayleigh, who helped balance our duties and keep our teaching clear and organized. She is from Draper, UT, loves vanilla ice cream, and wants to change the world through dance (for example, she is going to Morocco this summer to teach dance to youth there).

Every week the youth set goals on Monday to improve and grow at EFY. They do this both personally and as a group and periodically we will remind them about their goals that they set. As a group we help them to set two of the goals and have them make a “secret” goal without us that we will try to guess at the end of the week. Bayleigh had the fun idea to surprise them with a secret goal of our own.

Our goal this week was to capture as many moments as possible of our youth experiencing joy via photography and make a slideshow for the youth at the end of the week. We later realized that we would be able to give the slideshow to the youth via Airdrop because I created it on my Mac.

Each week, there is a counselor who is put in charge of creating a 15 minute slideshow for the entire session. With 1700 youth in our session alone however, it was a miracle that our youth were featured in that show at all. So our goal also provided them with ways of looking back at intimate moments with just our company throughout the week.

As we worked toward our “secret” goal, it was fun to watch as the youth grew closer together and unified. EFY is a fantastic place for the youth to practice and developed habits that will transform them throughout their lives. If you know someone who will be coming to EFY this summer or any summer, encourage them to make the most of their experience!

Again, like every week of EFY this summer, I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have to serve and help these youth.

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