Week 3: Logan 01

Being an EFY counselor is an experience that is filled with surprises and interesting twists. Every week you have a new rotation of youth, each one with a unique personality and facing unique challenges. As a counselor, it is not my job to try to solve their problems but rather provide them with the tools and resources to strengthen themselves in the face of the challenges that they face now and those that they will face in their lives.

EFY is a safe place not a summer camp to fix troublesome youth. It is a place that youth can practice problem solving and finding answers to their questions. A place where they can learn to root themselves in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It all begins with a desire to change. I love that. Change for the sake of progression is the way of Christ.

This last week reaffirmed these thoughts for me. The diversity in our group of 33 youth was astounding! In the boys alone, there were guys who traveled from Moscow, Idaho and Louisiana (and everywhere in between!). Their interests varied equally. Across the entire group there many different activities from sports to music to dance.

It was a good experience for the youth to have because these were people from backgrounds that they may not have had the opportunity to interact with otherwise. I am so grateful for each one of them and the perspectives that they helped one another achieve.

This coming week I am in Logan again, with different youth from what I imagine are more unique circumstances. Can you tell I love my job? If you want to know more, check out my personal Instagram!

Love you guys,


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