Renovation and Relaxation

Like I briefly mentioned last week, I journeyed to Arizona on Sunday to spend some time with some friends and family. Time flew by as I worked with my dad to tile my parent’s bathroom and helped my mom prepare for a youth activity but, thankfully, I was also able to kick back and relax a little after my first couple weeks of EFY. I even got out and took a couple of photos of the Phoenix sign in northeast Mesa. (Hence the cover photo for this week!)

I had never done a tile job before this week so that was a neat learning experience for me. All in all, there are pros and cons to every renovation. Most of the time the con is having to put yourself in an uncomfortable position for hours on end (like kneeling on hard surfaces in this reno) but the pros of doing it yourself are pretty good as well. First, the satisfaction of a job well done/the appreciation of the person you are doing it for (in this case, Mom lol), second, learning a new skill or teaching someone else your skill, and third, savin’ that dough! 🤑🤑🤑

Towards the end of the week I was able to see some of my friends get married, Maddie and Cannon (again, congrats!!), who were kind enough to invite several of my other friends to celebrate (Meagan/Brandon, Marty/Maleah, etc.), and the Hicks family! It’s always so fun to reconnect and spend time with my Arizona peeps haha.

This next week, I’m heading up to Logan, UT for two weeks with EFY on the Utah State campus. I’m super stoked to go because I’ve never been to the USU campus and I have heard it is beautiful!

I’ll continue to update my personal Instagram with EFY, so be sure to follow me there!

Anyway, I love you guys and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing!


(Also, shout out to Michael Petersen for sending me some hilarious commentary on my last post, definitely got my giggle and, ladies, he is single! #wifehim)

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