EFY Week 2: Denton, TX

I am so grateful for my experience as a counselor in Denton, TX this last week. Granted that each week will be very different because of the uniqueness of each youth that comes to EFY, I thoroughly enjoyed being on a new campus, UNT, and from day one there were interesting challenges.

Monday morning, for example, we take time to prepare for the arrival of the youth by meeting with our co-counselor, setting up check-in, etc. Before we could begin to start any of that, we go to grab breakfast at the campus cafeteria. (I quickly learn that the scrambled eggs come from powder and opt for hard-boiled ones from then on lol) When I left the dorm, I notice a couple of darker clouds but think nothing of it (in Arizona, when it is about to rain the humidity noticeably increases but I didn’t notice any difference in Texas). I eat lunch and look outside. 🌊. Just like that, a 40 minute flash flood. Unfortunately, we didn’t know when it would end so, rather than call an Uber or something to take myself and a couple other people back to the dorm (which was a little over a 1/4 mile away), I ran barefoot (to save my shoes and socks from getting soaked, didn’t work lol). This was the end result:


100% soaked. It was only a quarter-mile haha. So I threw on some dry clothes, went to my morning meeting and put the rest of my clothes in the wash, which, thankfully, needed to be done anyway.

The rest of the week, I was able to avoid soaking myself or getting struck by lightning (cause there was a thunderstorm as well). The youth that I was with were very resilient and definitely inspired me to continue reaching for my goals.


Front and center (👕) is my awesome co, Cami! She was fantastic with the youth and I was so grateful for her support.

Anyway, this week is my off week so I came down to Arizona to help out my parents as they finish a bathroom. If you have any questions about EFY, shoot me a message!

Love you guys and I’ll let you know how the bathroom went next week!


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