EFY Week 1: Provo Session 1B

So this was the beginning of my EFY experience as a counselor! I will preface by saying that the youth I worked with over the last week were fantastic. They had such great insights and thoughts on how they could improve and progress, I was thoroughly impressed. This week I had two co-counselors, Marlee and Samantha. They have both been a part of the EFY program for several years and were a great help to me in “learning the ropes.”

Here is a snippet of the last week:

Monday: The entire company came together for the first time and we spent the day getting to know one another. In out company there were 22 girls and 8 boys! That is why we had to have 3 counselors. At EFY there is usually about 10-15 youth per counselor.

Tuesday: First day of classes! The classes are on a variety of subjects from self-image to how you can live the Gospel of Jesus Christ more fully. I had the opportunity to join some of my youth in a class taught by Kacey McCallister about self image. He is a motivational speaker and a double amputee with a truly inspirational story. Check him out HERE. We also had our first dance with the youth (super fun and also hilariously awkward).

Wednesday: Second day of classes and also Game Night! Again the classes were fantastic, but the youth were starting to get more comfortable with one another and sharing their experiences with each other. The youth have an opportunity to perform a skit based on a theme that is given to each company at game night and our youth came up with a super fun skit based on the Pixar movie Finding Nemo.

Thursday: The focus for today is spiritual development. I had the opportunity to work directly with the youth for most of the day and was so impressed with them. Towards the end of the day there was also a variety show and several of the young women from our group shared their talents in dance and piano performance.

Friday: This was the last day for the youth and we work with them on taking what they have learned from the week of EFY and continuing to progress and grow at home. We also have another dance (this one is a lot less awkward than the first lol).

This has been such a fun and enjoyable experience so far and I am so stoked to be in Denton, Texas this week to continue to work with more youth. I learned so much in the last week! Follow my personal Instagram for more adventures.

Side note: I ran into an old mission friend, Alex Vincent, today at church. Shout out to him!

Love you guys, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing,


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