Today is Mother’s Day 2k18. Probably one of the most important days of the year (right Mom? 😉). This year for Mother’s Day, my mom asked for one thing: for me, Haley, and Ethan to sing in Ethan’s final choir concert of the year. SO a plan started to form, plane tickets were bought and on Friday the three of us made Mom’s wish come true as we sang Lord Bless and Keep with Ethan’s choir. It is a beautiful (thankfully, it’s also short) hymn that the choir sings every year and invites the alumni to participate in. (If you want to see pictures/video, check out her Facebook page 🕺🏽)

TBH, Haley truly came up clutch this Mother’s Day though. She flew all the way to Disney World with her husband, Mckay, a couple weeks ago and brought back Disney race memorabilia like a Yoda car magnet and a little key ring shoe. (This was a complete surprise for Mom and if you know her at all, you know that she LOVES everything Disney, that is the way to her heart lol). A tip of the hat to you Haley, you da real MVP.

I was determined to not be completely out-done though. So, since I was already driving up to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding, I decided to stop off at the M&M World Store and get her some custom M&Ms with her name and a couple other Mother’s Day inscriptions. (She always has M&Ms out for each holiday and I had noticed earlier that week that she did not have any Mother’s Day candy out 🤔)

This week I also had a fantastic birthday with friends and family and would like to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes! I love you guys!

Anyway, something else that my mom likes for Mother’s Day is quality time, so I’ll end it here today. Have a happy Mother’s Day, especially all those who have participated in raising me in any degree (mentorship, advice, love, etc.)


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