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This last week featured a lot of changes. Several of my friends graduated from BYU, got engaged or married, or moved home/to summer jobs. In my apartment, Kyle and Chris both moved out, leaving just Porter and I for the summer (and even then, I’ll be doing EFY or traveling for most of this summer #stoked).

I spent most of the week curating my final portfolio for my photography class, and today I would like to share those images with you. They have really helped me to find myself as a photographer and identify what I really like to capture and how I like to capture what I am shooting. (PSA: this will be significantly longer than most of my previous posts this semester but also includes some really fun photography).

1st: Depth of field

Max Depth of Field

Each piece of this photo is in sharp focus, showing every detail in the stones, sticks and sand. This is called “Maximum Depth of Field.”

Limited Depth of Field

If you saw my post from last week, you’re already familiar with this photo but is shows what is called “Limited Depth of Field.” This has become one of my favorite styles to shoot with. Right now on my instagram, I am displaying a series of photos with this style. Check it out!

2nd: Motion

Blur Motion

Early one morning, I had the idea to capture the different colors and feeling of being up that early (waaaay before the sun). I used motion blur to convey this feeling.

Stop Motion

I love water. In a photo it can either look soft and smooth or hard and unforgiving. It is a perfect subject to demonstrate “stop motion.” In this photo I focused on each water droplet as it tumbled down this stream in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

3rd: Black and White

Black and White

The use of black and white in this photo conveys a specific unmistakable feeling. To me, black and white photography has a time and place that it should be used. It is not my favorite thing to shoot but when I use it, I like to give every piece of the picture purpose.

4th: Color


I actually picked two photos to demonstrate color. This first one is a light fixture in the Utah State Capitol Building. It was actually quite difficult to capture but I love the contrast between the red light of the bulb and the cold blue tones of the marble.


These vibrant buds were outside the Capitol Building and it was incredible to watch as the flowers opened up, symbolizing new beginnings.

5th: Portrait

I couldn’t pick just one with this style either so here are two pics of Porter.


Each of these photos also conveys a mood and feeling. The first is a little more mischievous and the second gives me the feeling of intelligence and thought. I enjoy portraiture more and more each time I shoot. There is sooo much creative liberty with it.

6th: My Choice


Over the last semester, this is absolutely one of my favorite images that I have taken. Just before sunrise in Spanish Fork Canyon on the way to Price, Utah. It really tells a story of hope, new experiences, and traveling towards those feelings (I like to think of myself as the driver of the truck 😎).

Thank you for coming along for this journey and I am sooo excited for what is to come.

Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. Love you guys!


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