music to my ears

This week I FINALLY was able to get up to the capitol building to take pictures of the blossoms and scenery. I have been dying to expand into macro photography as well, so the perfect opportunity presented itself on Monday and I met up with my friend Meagan (Fun Fact: she is the one who really introduced me to photography! 📸).

The cover photo for this post is from that shoot. Let me know what you think! Those shots will be available for purchase HERE later this week 😆.

SO, I have posted a little about music on my instagram but here and now, I would like to cover a little of that here.

Music really shapes who we are and the thoughts that we have throughout the day. TBH, I have been listening to a lot of business podcasts (like How I Built This from NPR) lately but always intermixed with different musicians.

Because music can have such an impact on my day, I try to listen to music that will build me up and support me in the attitude that I want to have. It also is useful in helping me to focus my thoughts.

That being said, I have listed below 10 songs/artists that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to lately:

Air I Breathe – Mat Kearney

Passenger – Noah Kahan

In The Stars – My Brother and I

You Reach For Me – Sisterbrother

Hey Lovely – Chance Pena

Tenenbaum (Mahogany Sessions) – The Paper Kites

Daisy – Mike Waters

Spirit Cold – Tall Heights

Build a Kingdom – Woodlock

You Always Make Me Smile – Kyle Andrews

This list is constantly changing because there is SOOO much good music out there (and of course musicians are constantly making more). Along with the songs listed above, I enjoy several more mainstream artists like John Mayer, Jack Johnson, ARIZONA the Band, and Coldplay. However, these ten most accurately represent my current library of music. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations for additional artists or songs send them my way!

Anyway, that’s it for me today guys. I love and appreciate each of you and if we haven’t talked in a while, hit me up! Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing!


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