What is Next??

As the semester is winding down, I am starting to look ahead to my upcoming projects and adventures (as well as reflecting on what I have done over the last semester, but I talk about that enough on here haha). This summer is shaping up to be a fantastic one and I am so stoked to tell you why!

Something that I was (semi) quietly working on for a while towards the beginning of the year was an application to be an EFY Counselor! For those who don’t know what EFY is: EFY stands for Especially for Youth and represents a week-long faith-based summer camp that encourages kids ages 14-18 to more fully follow Christ in their lives. These camps are held all over the nation at various university campus’. (If you would like to know more, either message me or go to efy.byu.edu)

The counselor application process is pretty intense and competitive because of the requirements for each counselor. There are a number of interviews as well as reference reviews. All in all, I started the process at the beginning of the year and about 2 weeks ago I was accepted! Woohoo!! I am soooo stoked for this adventure. 😎

Now, like I said previously, these camps are held across the nation (as well as world-wide but I’m just in the U.S.) so my assigned areas (so far) will be Denton, TX (soooo excited because I love East Texas), Logan, UT, Pocatello, ID, and Rexburg, ID. The assignments are still forthcoming, so I will release additional locations and dates as I get them. If you would like to know the dates for the current locations shoot me a message! I would be thrilled to connect with you 😆.

In other news, I won’t be starting EFY until the end of May, SO my schedule is pretty open for senior pics, engagements, LinkedIn Profile pics, or whatever photo related need you have. Message me for pricing and exact availability! Also, new prints are available! 📸

I love you guys and thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing!



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