my roommate got me sick

This week I worked on a project for my photography class that really got me thinking about each photograph that I take. My assigned topic was to photograph a specific emotion. It was very interesting to me to break down a photo so that everything about it, from the lighting to the composition to the color of that photo, pointed towards a very specific emotion. 😜😎😍😱

I feel like this type of thinking is truly something that distinguishes one photographer from another and is especially something that makes the difference between an okay photographer and a great photographer.

Therefore, to push myself even further, I’m starting an emotion project. Over the next couple weeks, I am going to gather photos that target one specific emotion. 😍

Also this week, Porter got sick. So, because we spend quite a bit of time together, I got sick. Not to worry though! I am fueling my body with as many vitamins and minerals as I can lay my hands on 🤗.

AAAANNNNDDDD because of that, I’ll end it here 😊.

Love you all and Happy Easter Sunday!


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