Spring Break 2K18

This week was spring break. So, I worked a ton during the week and then convinced my roommate, Porter, to take off for a weekend in Arizona at my parent’s house. (We had originally planned on going to California, but that didn’t pan out and my parents invited us down instead. Thanks for hosting Mom and Dad!)

We started driving on Friday after I got out of work at 10, stopped in Las Vegas, and arrived in Gilbert at 8:30-45ish. (I was rather impressed with how we were able to cut down on the total drive time 😬)

With my parents, I finally saw the movie Coco (which I agree, feels a lot like the last Day of the Dead animated movie)!

Saturday, we had breakfast with my parent’s church congregation and just relaxed until our brunch at Joe’s Farm Grill (which I highly recommend, but it gets a little pricey 🤗. They have fantastic burgers and shakes among other American cuisine.) with our friend Taylor. From there I had to show Porter some of the sites, so we went to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play the Kansas City Royals in a spring training game. That was a lot of fun, especially when we got away from all the obnoxious frat guys who were hanging out in the grass sections. #saturdaysarefortheboys? Lol.

After the game we went mall hopping in Scottsdale and Chandler, hitting up everywhere from Last Chance to Fashion Square to the Outlets.

In the end, we went to Taylor’s parent’s house in Gilbert and had a blast playing volleyball and taking a dip in the pool, all while crashing her brothers sweet 16 😎.

Today, Sunday, I met up with a family friend and took some of his senior pics! (I’m super happy with how they turned out so hit me up if you’re in need of some portraits for your upcoming special occasion!)

All in all, it was a super fun being a tourist in my hometown. 10/10 would do again 😆.


Have you ever tried being a tourist where you live? Or have lived before? What was your experience? Let me know if the comments below!


Thanks for joining me this week guys, liking, commenting and subscribing!

Love you guys!


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