This week (and actually this happens quite frequently) I had a pretty in depth conversation with myself about balance. By balance I don’t mean physical balance (although that may come into play, idk 🤗) but rather balance in life. I have talked with a couple of my closest friends about this as well as I am finishing up the latest stage of my schooling and prepare for my professional career.

If you saw my Instagram Story this week, you would have seen one of my new favorite study spots on UVU campus. It was this spot that kicked off my inner conversation because of the beauty of the view from that room. (Maybe next week I’ll post a picture 🌄)

SO, I am the absolute worst about balancing my life. I have a variety of responsibilities in life right now from school to photography to work to church and when I get passionate about something I tend to forget everything else until I accomplish that task. (I guess that this could also be a blessing of focus as well, I’m not a total downer lol)

This is something that I am constantly working on and I am open to any tips that anyone may have! I have tried setting aside time for each activity but it’s my thoughts that take me one way or another so HMU 😅.

Anyway, this week is just a short thought but I think it’s a powerful one! Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing!


Ps let me know what you think about the new blog layout and check out the prints link above!

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