This week was AMAZING!!! (Sorry for the late post, but it’s been quite a busy day!)

SOOO much happened haha. Let’s go through it day by day so I don’t miss anything. 😆

Sunday: My roommate, Porter, had his birthday this week so his parents came in town and they asked me to take their family pictures for them. Even though it was super cold and windy, we had a great time and they look great! Check it out!


Monday: It was a nice relaxing holiday with the roomies. No classes, just work in the morning.

Tuesday: I took a date to see the newest Marvel Universe movie, Black Panther (shout out to Liberty on Freedom for hooking it up!). I enjoyed seeing the Marvel Universe expand and, even though I kinda wish that they had spent a little more time setting up the back story, it is probably my favorite Marvel movie so far. I am excited for Infinity War to come out but the combined movies don’t really have a ton of singular character development, which I enjoy.

Wednesday: I spent the day doing a lot of prep work for the weekend (you’ll see why in a minute!)

Thursday: After about 2 months, I finally made it to cut some hairs from my head. I was looking pretty shaggy haha.

Friday: I rented a 24-70mm for my Sony a6000! I’ve been dreaming about this lens for months. It is a dream of mine to own one because of how versatile the lens is. I normally use a combination of an 24mm and an 18-55mm. Both of these lens’ are useful for the landscape photography that I have been shooting a lot of lately but, I had a special project this Sunday where I needed an extra clean look. I went out with Porter to break in the lens and check out its capabilities. My favorites from our session are below:


Saturday: I worked in the morning and then went up to SLC to spend some time with my Grandma! It’s been a while since I have been up there and I especially had to go this weekend because of what was to happen today (Sunday)!

Sunday: My friends Tyler and Ashleigh asked me to shoot their engagements! All the preparation that happened this week really led up to this moment. We took the pictures up at the Capitol Building and surrounding areas. This is something that I have been curious about for a while and gave me the perfect excuse to rent the 24-70. They are such a cute couple and I am so flattered that they thought of me to take their pictures. Here are three of their pictures (posted with their permission).


I do have some availability coming up so, if you know anyone who is interested in some super cute and fun pictures (family pictures, engagements, senior pics, etc.), send them my way!

Love you guys and thank you so much for liking, commenting and following along on this journey!


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