This week I was challenged by my Photography Professor to focus on light and how it interacts with the subjects in my photography. Since the majority of my pictures are landscapes, this proved to be a very interesting task.

So, on Tuesday, I got up a little earlier and took a drive up to Aspen Grove, Utah. As I drove, I contemplated how I would accomplish my task.

Mountains are big subjects. (Maybe that’s too obvious to say? 🤗) Big enough anyway, that I can’t throw up a man-made filter to diffuse the sunlight and call it good.

(A diffuser breaks up the light just like the shade around a lamp. It makes “hard light,” or direct light, soft and “fluffy.”)

Therefore, I had to plan this particular trip around the weather.

Clouds ⛅️. I wanted to make sure that there were extra particles in the air that would bounce that light for me. The cover photo for this post  is a photo of those particles. The morning light bounced around enough that I was able to capture the lovely, light yellow glow through my camera.

And that is why I chose Tuesday. The night before, there were heavy clouds that passed over the valley signalling that there would be light cloud cover on the Wasatch Back.

So, if you, like me, want to take some spectacular wide open spaces and smash them onto a camera sensor, watch the sky. It can make or break your experience and is forever changing. 🌅

Guys, thanks for reading, commenting, and subscribing!

I love you all and if you have any questions for me, leave a comment below!


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