Adventure Time

Yes, if you are joining me from Facebook, I used a clickbait tag. So no, you will not find out why there are “over 100 bucketlist destinations.” lol.

This week I want to talk a little about my photo excursions/adventures. This is probably one of my favorite parts about my photography.

As I have said previously, I view photography as my release from the stresses of life and it gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively. The majority of my photography has been of the mountains here in Utah. (To be honest, I’ve been going out there because it’s also where I can meditate on life and find clarity. Two birds with one stone 🤗)

Most of the time, this is my process. A couple of weeks before I even take a picture, I pull out Google Maps, Instagram and (I also look over the previous locations that I have been to and think about how they may have changed since I was there previously) I use these tools to look for something interesting (valleys, waterfalls, trees, weather conditions, rivers, and lakes) and then out comes my calendar.

Personally, my phone’s calendar is my life. Everything that I am doing and need to do, ends up there and helps me to focus on what I need to get done. Something that is really nice about having it on my phone, is that drive time is automatically included in every location that I schedule. 🗓

After finding a couple of locations that I am interested in and working them into the calendar, I start to think about how I want to capture those places. What will make them mine? This is a more creative part of the process for me. I use Instagram for a lot of inspiration and vision😬. I make my shoot notes on the calendar as well.

When the time comes to actually get out and shoot, I try to minimize the amount of gear that I bring. Personally, I have found that if I bring more than just a tripod, one lens and the camera itself, I spend more time trying to pull gear out of my bag than actually taking in the scene and capturing it. Minimizing my gear is also something that some of my favorite photographers and teachers have suggested as well because it allows you to learn more about your equipment and its capabilities.

During the shoot, I look back at my notes and then leave them in the car. I want the experience to be organic 🌲🍁🗻. This is where I thrive and find that clarity.

For examples, results, and stories of the specific shoots that I have been on, check out my Instagram 📸.

Thank you for coming on these journeys with me. I’m so excited to share with you all what I have been working on.

Much love,


P.S.A. Use my email to inquire about prints. I can get back to you quicker by email. Thanks!

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