Aaaannnnnndddd I’m back!

Yes, that is correct, yo boi Mitch is back in school full time. In other words, my time is seriously limited for tons of extracurricular activities 😭. Good news though! One of those classes is a photography class! Basically, this means that if you thought my photos were good before, just you wait: I’m getting technical help 😏. I’m actually writting this first piece from that classroom. Everything I have learned thus far about photography has been either at the hands of friends, from the internet or just fiddling around with whatever camera I have at that moment. I may even post my findings on here as I learn them in class but maybe I will do that at the end of the semester in summary form. I’m a little excited 🤗.

My other classes are all semi-interesting business classes and they may also appear now and then if something truly interesting happens (I kinda doubt it because three of those classes are economics, calculus, and stats haha).

Anyway, earlier in the week I posted to the good ol’ Instagram a picture with a quote from Maya Angelou. This was inspired by my business presentation class professor who quoted her a couple of times to get our minds rolling. I’ve done a little more research about her (I won’t write her bio here but you should definitely check out her website 😬) and she is truly inspirational in her writing. I really enjoyed learning about her life and reading some of her writing.

So that was the first week of school! This year, unlike last year, I arrived on time to my classes instead of an hour and a half early or slightly late and I actually know people in my classes! (That was kinda weird cause I felt like I knew more people in Rexburg than I know here.)

Stay tuned for this next week! I will be starting my first photography projects 📸

Love you guys,



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