New Years and Newly Weds

It is amazing how quickly this week flew by. One minute its 2017 and the next its 2018! So far, 2018 has really been quite the party. For New Years itself I spent time with my friend Tyler and his girlfriend Ashleigh playing cornhole and watching Lifetime movies (which are honestly just more renditions of the same Hallmark movie). There was also an excellent artichoke/jalapeno dip involved throughout the night, need I say more?

Tuesday was serious wedding prep though. I was asked to put together a wedding video for Haley and Mckay, (I was soooo excited to work with them on this that I have been planning it for almost two months 😅). So I pretty much walked through the entire process with them being everything from a chauffeur to cheerleader and coordinator. After the Bridal photography, Mckay’s family put on a very intimate and enjoyable Groom’s Dinner. Both hilarious and loving stories were shared amongst new friends and family providing moments never to be forgotten.

The ceremony and reception on Wednesday were wonderful as well (we were blessed with beautiful weather!). I thoroughly enjoyed being able to capture those moments forever through my eyes and my camera (the food was also fantastic so I guess my stomach as well 😋).

Then, after sending off those crazy kids in style, I began to prep for the journey back to Utah. I rode up with my Aunt and some cousins and (for those who follow my Instagram, which you totally should be, you already know the journey that we took) we had a memorable time driving over the Hoover Dam. As we drove, I was able to whip out my camera and snap some pretty epic pics of everything around the dam.

All in all, I’m glad to be back in Utah. I’ve missed the mountains (and my bed cause I spent two weeks on a couch and a cot 😂). If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss hilarious, emoji filled updates on all things Mitch!

Love you guys



P.S. NEW THEME! Let me know what you think 🤗.

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