2018. Wow. As I have thought about the New Year, several thoughts come to my head. Changes that I want to make being the forethought. Then, narrowing those down to better refine myself.

There are many things that I want to do, actions that I want to take, and I will name several of those here but I think, to start, a theme would be most appropriate.

Personal Theme for 2018: Consistency. In 2017, I began taking steps for this but in 2018 I really want to nail this home. Constant effort will overcome spurts of action any day of the week.


Here is what I will improve with consistency:

  • Social Media Activity (Mainly Instagram)
  • Daily habits and schedule
  • Posture
    • I have a habit of slouching as I work. Whether I am behind a camera or sitting at my desk at work haha. Feel free to call me out on it too!
  • Gym time!
  • Daily Photography
  • Variety of Photography (Photoshop projects)
  • Prints!
    • Pricing and Availability will be forthcoming but in the meantime just message me and we can work something out!

I will be making a couple of more drastic changes with my internet presence as well. Namely the home page for the blog. I am exploring the possibilities of the WordPress tools and how to best portray myself using them. Over the next week or so expect to see changes both big and small as I adjust and find my internet “home.” (Setting up a blog is kind of like interior decorating. Everything has its place and brings a certain feng shui.)

I am also interested in exploring the possibilities of collaboration and long-term creative projects with other artists. (If anyone is interested in a collaboration, hit me up with your ideas!)

My advice to you for 2018? Kick it in the *. (Yes, I came up with that all on my own 😬)

Love you guys and Happy New Year!


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