The Eve of Christmas 2017

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. It is a time where I gather with family and friends that I have not seen for a while, a time of gratitude, and a time of joy. This year almost all of my family will be in Arizona because Haley, my sister, is getting married in a week and a half. Time does seem to fly when you’re having fun 😆.

One aspect of the Christmas Holiday that I do look forward to every year is when my immediate family gets together with our long time family friends, the Normans, to celebrate Christmas Eve. We always have a big meal together with rich desserts (side note: one of my favorite quotes ever I learned years ago at my friend Jackson’s home, “Stressed backwards is just Desserts.” I honestly think of that every time I see either word haha) and, after spending time reminiscing the last year together, we sit down for the “entertaining” nativity scene. (That is its traditional name because, back in the day, there were babies who would cry through the whole scene and now, its entertaining because those babies still play the same parts more than 10 years later 😂.) We read from Luke 2 in the Bible of the birth of Christ #reasonfortheseason and follow along with acting. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Also, I do need to mention that this last Friday my long-time friend, Meagan, married her stud of a partner-in-crime, Brandon. They threw one heck of a party in celebration and I wish them the best as they start their life together!


That’s it from me for now! Only one blog left for this year (say what!) so I’ll probably write about something cliché like resolutions so keep an eye out for that haha.

Peace, Love, and Joy


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