Thanksgiving 2017

This week was jam packed full of events for me and my family. I will talk about a couple of those here but really I want to express the overall feeling that accompanied those events. That was a feeling of love and gratitude. I imagine that many, if not all, of you felt similar feelings but let me explain mine.

The love and gratitude for this week stemmed from the people that I had the pleasure of surrounding myself with. Like I mentioned last week, my parents and brother came up from Arizona and we got together several times with extended family that lives here in Utah.

My family are some of the biggest inspirations to me, both professionally and personally. This is why.

My Mom: she always picks up the phone and listens, almost daily, as I tell her about work, dates, ideas and problems. She is a great sounding board and always gives great advice and feedback. She always pushes me to follow my dreams and encourages me to be happy and to help those around me happy as well. (Fun fact: she is one of the most stylish ladies around, especially when it comes to Disney attire.) This year, her birthday fell on Thanksgiving and my siblings and I had such a good time setting up everything for her, under the direction of my dad. Happy Birthday Mom!

My Dad: he is solid. Like my mom, he is a great sounding board for my thoughts and ideas and always gives me a realistic view of those ideas. When I have a questions about anything, be it life, business or recently my car, he either has an answer ready for me or gets back to me with an answer. This week, for example, my mom noticed that the brakes on my car were starting to squeak so she asked my dad to help me to change those brakes. So he did. I am so grateful for the teachings that he has given me and the example that he is for me.

My Sister, Haley: this week was huge for her as well. In our religion, and I have found in many religions, there is a certain personal preparation or rite of passage that you must make or complete before entering into marriage to someone else. This week my family and I were able to accompany her as she completed her personal preparation. Pictures of that event are on the gallery-so check it out!

My Brother, Ethan: he is an inspiration to me. He works super hard and is also making a lot of really good decisions for his life. I’m very proud of him and the stud that he is.

That is my family and, this week more than ever, I am so grateful for them.

You may also have noticed some editing variations in my pictures form this week, as you check out the gallery. One of my favorite photographers, Peter Mckinnon, released his Lightroom Presets and they are soooo good! (Check him out on youtube and instagram, you will not be disappointed!) I have applied them to my photos, so let me know what you think!

Anyway, I’m grateful for each of you, my readers, as well 😎


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