i believe that there is light up ahead

This week truly felt as if I was moving underwater (like slow motion). The cover photo for this post perfectly excemplifies that kind of mood as well. Dispite the underwater feeling however, I have been sure to apply myself in various aspects of life to keep me on my toes.

  • Spanish Certification
  • Google Marketing Analytics Course (new site!)
  • Dinner with the seester
  • Church talk

First, the spanish certification. This has been something at the back of my mind for a couple weeks now. At work, they provide us with the opportunity to gain a little extra experience and work on our talents. Being certified to take calls in spanish is one of those opportunities. Now, it has been a couple years since I have had any extensive spanish experience so the task of learning the leasing lingo was probably the most daunting part of this opportunity. With the help of my manager, and some dedicated study time, I was able to pass all four tests including mock calls and written exams! Woohoo!

Now the Google Marketing Course! This is something that I am super excited about because I want to do something in marketing in the future. I came across this because I also launched a new gallery site through Adobe and one of the options for keeping track of site traffic is through Google Analytics. (That site is available to view through the photos link above!) So I looked into Google Analytics, thinking that it would cost an arm and a leg, and found a ton of different courses and rescources provided by Google for free! So I started with website analytics this week and will continue with different marketing courses from there. So check out my gallery above! I will be posting less photos on here in favor of the new gallery (but I will post links!)

This week I got a text from my sister, Haley, asking if I had any plans thursday afternoon. So we met up at Zupas (one of my favorite restaurants) and had a wonderful conversation about her upcoming marriage, the end of the semester and honestly just life in general. It’s nice to have her so close 😁.

So I don’t really talk about my faith very much here on the blog but I am LDS or Mormon and I love it! This week a leader of the congregation reached out to me and asked me to share some of my thoughts about serving others. I love opportunities like this and below I have linked my thoughts so feel free to check it out as well!

Service Talk 11.19.2017

My family came up to Utah this week as well for Thanksgiving (they made it to see me talk in church, which was super fun!) and I went down to my grandparents house in Santaquin for sunday dinner. My Grandma is an amazing cook and today was no exception with her homemade orange chicken and rice. 😍

In the end, though I felt as if I was trying to move through water all week, there is light ahead! Like, comment and subscribe!

much love,


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