i work out

For most of the week my transportation was my grandma’s 1990s Ford Explorer. I have driven this car various times over the last couple years, usually when I’m most desperate for a vehicle. Honestly, it is the most reliable car on the planet (knock on wood). I was driving the Explorer because I took my car up to my mechanic on Monday to get everything checked out. Like I mentioned last week, I was exploring the possibility of selling my car. I’m still thinking about selling it but the car that I was going to buy in its place turned out to fall short of what I actually need. So until I find another one, I’m putting selling my current one on hold. Thank you to all those who sent people my way!

So because I was not in my own car, I tried to use as little gas as possible and wasn’t able to go capture some of the amazing views that happened this early this week in the Utah Valley. For pictures though, I was working on a project during that time and here it is:


I have always liked to work with light and dark contrasts. These two photos will hopefully be the first of many to come as I develop my Lightroom and Photoshop skillz.

This week I also had the opportunity to spend some time with my grandma both when I dropped off my car and picked it up again. (Side note: if you have not tried tamales from Cafe Rio, which are only available on Thursdays, you need to. They are absolutely amazing!) It is always nice to see extended family :).

On Friday, thanks to the company I work for-Entrata, I joined a gym! Shout out to Jaycie for being my gym buddy and helping me to stay dedicated to the cause of health and fitness. I always stick to my commitement better when there is someone else working in the grind with me. I learned this very well when I was in Angol, Chile living with Abinadi Samayoa. While we were together I noticed that he would get up every morning and work out without fail. I was inspired to do the same and we made it a standard part of our morning. That experience definitely helped me to know myself better haha.

Saturday, like almost every day, I spent the morning at work. Towards the afternoon I decided to jump on the opportunity of having my camera charged and some new lens filters to play around with and left for squaw peak. I didn’t realize this beforehand but they close off the road to the top in November so I got there with just a couple minutes to spare before sunset and captured the pictures below. It was so nice and peaceful with no one around, perfect for an end of the week meditation.

Anyway, check out these pics and leave a comment about your favorite one!


Much love,

– Mitch

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