To Live Is To Learn

To live is to learn. This week I have learned this lesson more than ever. I almost feel like the Allstate guy – “Life comes at you fast, are you in good hands?” Here is a quick run down of my week:

  • Hardware Update
  • Auto Fun
  • Halloween
  • Learning Experiences

First, I upgraded my hardware this week! This has been something of an ongoing process but I’m definitely done for a while now. Last week, as I mentioned in my post, I got a new camera (Sony a6000) and this week I realized that I also needed to update my editing hardware. Dispite how much I loved to work on and use my iPad Pro, it wasn’t quite cutting it as a long term solution for the broad variety of work that I have taken on for myself, from photo/video editing to school. So I off-loaded the iPad in favor of a Macbook Pro. This will be an interesting change for me because I have previously favored Windows PCs for their broader spectrum of uses (everything that a Mac can do PLUS gaming and on a cheaper budget). My reasoning behind it is that I think that this move will help me to focus better on the tasks that I need to accomplish in my day to day life, including this blog. So far, so good and I’ll keep you updated!

I have also had some revelations in the realm of automobiles this week. My car, which has had a notoriously bad transmission (thank you Ford), had to go to the dealer for another clutch and transmission computer swap. Thankfully this is covered by Ford because of a recall and extended warranty, but its still something that I don’t want to have to continually deal with while I’m in school. So my car is for sale!

For those located here in Utah, here is the link to the KSL listing: 2012 Ford Focus SE

I am sad to see it go because it has confidently hauled me and my stuff from Idaho to Texas and everywhere in between wonderfully. It’s also a super good deal (brand new clutch, transmission computer, suspension system, air filter, and the tires were just replaced last year) so let me know if you know anyone that would be interested!

Switching gears (pun intended haha), Halloween this year was a little underwhelming (Halloween night I didn’t go to any parties or anything because #earlymorningwork). On Monday I spent most of the day decorating an office at work with a Super Smash theme and on Tuesday my teammates all dressed up as characters from Super Smash, I was Ness (my bosses dressed up as Mario, Luigi, and Kirby haha). The pictures of that are below! I also spent like an hour and a half playing N64 with my team, to go with the theme. That was super fun and, looking back, very needed. Shout out to Zach for hooking it up!


My project in the room was the back wall of Hyrule Castle and the cardboard model of the ship from Star Fox. We were going to paint the ship but we ran out of time. The Bowser and Samus Paintings were done by a super talented artist on our team as well.

On Friday, Michael, Tyler and I had a super fun bonfire with various friends from high school and Provo. I’ve never been chased by smoke so fiercely in my life but like my friend Jaycie said, “Hotness attracts smoke. The more attractive you are, the more smoke will follow you!” Not gonna brag but I was still smokey the next day. 😎

Today, I had the opportunity to share my camera knowledge with my friend Andy and his wife. They recently invested in a camera and wanted some direction to know how to use it. I also took advantage of that time to get out and shoot. Those photos are below:



In conclusion, I am still living, learning and doing so in the mountains.


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