It finally happened.

All week I have been looking forward to today and I’ll tell you why in a minute 😏.
I could easily dub this week as my enterance into portrait photography. For Family Home Evening on Monday, we decided to do family pictures for Super Squad Seven and dinner of Zupa Toscana made by Porter. He made this soup for our apartment earlier this semester and its really fun to see the reactions of those who haven’t tried it before. It’s AMAZING and definitely better than the Olive Garden version!!

The photos presented a new challenge for me because I hadn’t yet attempted editing people. The results are below and I’m pretty pleased with them! Let me know what you think and follow us on Instagram @supersquadseven7.

Also, this week I went to a Karaoke place in Provo on Center Street called Heart and Soul with some friends and I highly recommend it! We rented out one of the private rooms and jammed to the biggest hits we could think of haha. We got really into it and had a blast! They set us up in our room and deliver sodalicious style drinks and snacks to you. Pretty awesome!

In other news (and the reason why I was awaiting today), Haley, my little sister, got engaged this week! Her fiancé, Mckay, is awesome and will make an excellent addition to our family. They will be married in Gilbert, AZ on January 3rd and today I was able to take their engagement pictures in Downtown SLC. I was very excited to be able to participate in this shoot and it was SO much fun. Here are their finished photos:

I’m so excited for them to start their life together! They met while living in Florida at the beginning of this year and working with the Disney College Program. The most important thing to Mckay is Haley and you can truly see the love that they share.

Marathon Update: Back in 2014, while I was on my mission in Chile, I developed a crippling pain in my Achilles tendons. This was due to my lack of shoe rotation and arch support as I wore down my shoes. In the end, I had to go to the doctor, get an ultrasound on my ankle, and learned that my arches were collapsing. I was fitted for an orthotic and within weeks the pain had subsided. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago, the pain was beginning to return as I increased my mileage and, hoping to avoid further damage, I went to a podiatrist this last Thursday. It turns out that the orthotic that I was fitted for in Chile, which blew him away because it is made of leather, has flattened to almost nonexistence.

How does this affect my marathon? He instructed me to keep my mileage low for a couple weeks while my foot gets used to the new insert and I also need to get some new running shoes (up until now, I have been running in my Nike Frees that I bought last year. I was planning on holding out until Black Friday to get new ones anyway.) So, I am pushing back my goal from the end of March to the Saint George Marathon next September. I was planning on running it anyway but now I will be in even better shape for it!

Besides my foot issues, it has been a great week full of new friends as well as old ones! (Shout out to Tyler Willardson whose birthday was on Saturday!)

Thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing.

– Mitch

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