2 months later…

I started this blog over two months ago now and, honestly, I can’t believe that I didn’t start it sooner. It is so cool for me to be able to look back and read through my thoughts and remember experiences that I have had. I am the only one who can tell my story as I see it and it makes me so happy to do it.

Yesterday morning I went up to the mountains. Living here in Utah, I relish each opportunity that I get to go up there and, because I have T-Mobile, I don’t get a single bar of cell service which that makes it a very tranquil experience away from the worries of life. If you haven’t noticed, while I’m there I like to take pictures but I also like to read and just think about life in general. Sometimes I’ll take someone with me but recently, (honestly the majority of the time) I just go alone and I love it. Yesterday though I was so excited to get up their that I left my SD card in my apartment. So that was a bummer but I still grabbed a few shots from my phone and I may post those here but I am also going back this afternoon and get some sunset shots. Those are posted below. 😎

There were a couple changes made in the apartment this week as well. On Thursday, Porter and I hit our limit with the furniture provided by the apartment complex and decided to add a little of our own flair. One trip to Sam’s Club, DI and Michael’s later and our apartment feels a lot more like a home. The results are pictured below but pretty much I finally printed one of my favorite pictures that I took of Timp and we found an amazing deal on a new coffee table at DI. 

(*Huge shout out to my sister and my friend Meagan for making my photography experiences possible! 😆 Maybe one day I’ll get my own camera gear haha.)

This week I also explored another corn maze (this one was a TON better than the one last week provocornmaze.com for those who are interested. It is also more budget friendly!) and I also got a friend to take me to her work party at Lagoon’s Frightmares. That was a blast and if you’ve never experienced Frightmares, I recommend going on a nice warm evening or just bundling up as much as you can. It got cold!
Anyway, that’s all for now! If you need me, I’ll be in the mountains.
– Mitch

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