Let’s get some shoes!

A couple years ago I has the opportunity to be a volunteer missionary in the beautiful country of Chile. My work was concentrated in serving the people in parts of the 8th and 9th regions, from Concepcion to Loncoche. I was privileged to be able to travel often during my service, to both of those extremes. I met so many wonderful people who helped me to become who I am today. I loved my time there. 

This week I read through the journal that I kept while I served and was able to reflect on the growth that I have had since I returned to the US as well. Thanks to social media, I am also able to keep in contact with many of those who I met as well and see how they have grown. 

I love this quote and this show. 

My reflections inspired me to try and live a little more in each moment while connecting with new people. 

In application of my inspiration, I had the opportunity to work with the shoe company, TAFT at their warehouse sale in Bluffdale, UT. This was an amazing experience for me because I was able to see the fruits of a successful startup company that uses social media as their primary method for promotion. I found this company right after I returned from Chile in early 2015. Over these last couple years I have seen them grow into the multimillion dollar company that they are today. 
I was really impressed by their loyal following because there were hundreds of people who came and spent hundreds of dollars for the quality product that TAFT produces. (I am not sponsored by the company, but rather a huge fanboy 👞) The fruits of my labor are below. 😍

Aside from work and reflection, my personal marathon training is going well and this week I ran the Provo River Trail between Bridal Veil Falls and Virginian Park in Provo Canyon. While out for my runs, I snapped these two pictures. 


Utah never ceases to amaze me.

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