And life continues to change…

This week in the life of Mitch:

  • Waffle Love 😍
  • A new type of training

Much like my favorite characters on Parks and Rec, Leslie and Ron, I LOVE breakfast foods. So this week, like a true Provotian, I tried Waffle Love.

Initial impression: I found the restaurant to be aesthetically pleasing with a modern, industrial look. Along one wall they have a walk in freezer, partially painted with blackboard paint. This is written on with various sayings and reactions. The rest of the freezer is open to the public with the drink offerings including two large pitchers of water. I thought that this was especially clever. Instead of paying for a soda fountain and the electricity cost of that on top of the giant wall to wall freezer, they just roped it all into one.

The staff were friendly and very quick to fill the orders of the patrons. (I will speak to those orders in a minute 🤤)

I arrived at about 6:10 on a Saturday and there were a couple people sitting down but there was no line. This could have just been an opportune moment but I anticipated there being more people based on the raving reviews that I had received. The way that the restaurant is set up provides for a separation for the patrons already sitting and eating and those waiting in line, which was very pleasant.

I don’t like to end a review on a down note so I will discuss the food last 😉. The last point of my initial impression was the menu. It is hung from the ceiling and is very clear and easy to read. It is cluttered. There are so many options. This is due to the wide variety of specialty waffles that they can make. I feel like this is something that could be very easily simplified and if I were the owner I would consider emphasizing the build your own option over the preconceived concoctions that fill the giant board of the menu. This would speed up the line as well as demolish any indecision that a patron my have. I would consider a secret menu and rotating through displaying those specialty waffles on the menu so that people can both hold on to an old favorite and try something new. Believe me, if I ever have the opportunity to meet with the owner, I will bring these ideas to his/her attention.

The Waffle. I tried the Founders Favorite. It is a plain waffle topped with biscoff and a wonderfully thick whipped cream 😍. It was ready for me in only a matter of minutes and tasted so amazing that I had to make the majority of my blog today about the restaurant that delivered it to my taste buds. I chose to spread the whipped cream over the entire waffle and the combination of that cream with the biscoff was decadent.

Overall, as a breakfast food lover, I give Waffle Love my firm stamp of approval.
Now, training. If you read my previous post, I finished my work training last week and this week I began working with my team which has been awesome.

To preface my new training, some history.

In junior high (or middle school, whatever you want to call it), back in Michigan, I began to run cross country. I wasn’t the best but I also wasn’t the worst and I liked doing it. When my parents moved us to Arizona, for whatever reason, I didn’t run again. I started to get into tennis and played that through most of high school until my senior year. I decided to do both! I ran a long distance race called Ragnar with some friends and again, I liked doing it.

Fast forward a couple years, my brother follows in my foot steps and my mom and sister decide to run the Disneyland Half Marathon. I think thats cool and continue on with life. Then, I become roommates with Porter and one of the first things that he says to me is that he wants to run a marathon. And then comes Thursday this week. I’m on the phone with my mom as she signs up to run another Disney Half. This was the last straw. Starting that same day, Porter and I began to train for a marathon. (Now that it is here on the blog, there is no backing out 😅)

My name is Mitch and I approve this message.

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