Labor Day 2017

Three things: 

  1. Done with work training
  2. Stewart Falls
  3. The Pelican Pants

First, I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED MY TRAINING! Four weeks of training seems kind of excessive but, in reality,  I feel adequately prepared for the incalculable scenarios that can happen in a call center for property management companies. ☎️

So at work they assigned me an email. In that email we get company news, tips and tricks for improving your calls, and various notifications. One of these notifications impressed me this week. In the email it read: “Congratulations! [So and So] has signed a lease at [Property name]! You helped her by answering [this question] and scheduling a tour for her on [this date]. She appreciates your help with this decision.” It’s pretty fun to know the results of my calls especially if I really only spend about ten minutes with a person. 😁

This Monday was Labor Day so I thought, “What do you do for Labor Day in Utah? You go for a hike in the mountains!” So I made plans to go and hike a trail that I had heard of a couple weeks earlier: Stewart Falls. It is a beautiful hike above Sundance Ski Resort and I set out at about 8:30 for the trail head. Of course, being Labor Day, I wasn’t the only person with the idea to go for a hike that morning, so I had to park a little ways down the road from the trail. The beginning of the hike was gorgeous with wide sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and Provo Canyon. (There was also a super cute dog the reminded me of a shaggier Teva!) I arrived at the falls and hiked around a little to get some pictures both of the falls and of the landscape surrounding them. (The picture about is from about halfway up the falls looking out.) Here are some of the pictures that I was able to capture:

After hiking around there, I noticed that there was another trail leading away from the falls in a different direction than the one I had taken to get to the falls. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to hike back using that trail instead of the one I had taken initially. This trail followed the stream created by the falls all the way down, passed Aspen Grove, to the base of Sundance. I figured this would be fine, I could just hike back up the road to the car. Man, I severely underestimated how far up the road the trailhead was and how far down the mountain I had parked. In the end, I had hiked about 3 more miles, uphill, than I would have if I had just gone back the way I had come 😂. It was quite the workout but next time I think I will take a closer look at a map before I go so I know which path to take. That’s kind of a good metaphor for life too: preparation now can drastically ease your journey or at least let you know what to expect from your choices. ⛰

One night this week (Thursday I believe), Porter and I decided to head over to Nordstrom Rack before they closed. Normally I would think that this would be a terrible time to go because everything on the floor was picked over all day haha. So we went and I found the most amazing pants. They fit really well but more importantly, THEY HAVE PELICANS ON THEM! 🦅 (I know that’s not a pelican) I love them…

And I love you! Happy Sunday ⛪️

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