Work, Driving, and Tennis

To stay true to the journalistic aspect of this blog, I will give you a recap of what has happened in this last week or so. Sundays are for reflection, right?  

When I moved to Utah a couple weeks ago, I interviewed for a couple of positions and reviewed my resume. This always makes me think about each of the hats that I have worn since my first job in high school. I started out as a crew member at a Dairy Queen, was a missionary in Chile, then a receptionist at a medical office as a temp, a cell phone salesman, briefly an offsite manager for storage units, a solar proposal specialist/ site surveyor, a student employee assigned to in-house IT work, also briefly a residential alarm door to door salesman and now I have begun working as a leasing professional for a property management software company. WHEW. That’s a lot haha.  

Now, the training that they are putting us through at the software company is really intense! There are so many things to say and not to say in communication with customers and how those things are noted and sent on to the different properties. At this company they recognize that it can be very intense so they put each new employee through a 4 week training divided into 2 segments. The first, which I just finished, is the classroom portion and this next week we are moving out to the computers/phones. I am very excited for this move because the classroom stuff was getting to be exceedingly dry 😬.

Other than work, I’ve been doing my best to spend as much time outside of the apartment that I am currently staying in as possible. Therefore, I have taken many drives up the canyon, around the Alpine Loop, out to Deer Creek Reservoir and general exploration of Provo City. There are so many places to take really cool pictures here in Utah! I love it! (For example, the cover photo for this post was taken on iPhone 7 Plus.)

I have also been working on my tennis game! It’s been so many years since I last picked up a racquet (around 5) so I am absolutely terrible but practice makes perfect, right? My friend Michael came out and hit with me this week, he is in the same boat as me having not hit a tennis ball in almost five years, so we worked through the motions for about 45 minutes during the hottest part of Friday (and I had not been drinking enough water leading up to our workout 😅). In the end we both agreed that we need to pick up some lessons on campus or I would even consider private lessons. That probably won’t happen for a while though so I will just settle for practicing with Michael or a wall at the local high school.

Life is good, God is good, and I need to have more drank with crushed ice in my life.

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