The other night I was having dinner with a friend and I mentioned that I had the idea for a blog. Throughout that conversation, I asked if she had any ideas for a blog title.  She laughed and said that she is hopeless at that sort of thing. This got my thought process rolling. I constantly find myself in the same creative rut, where I have a vision for what I want to do, whether its writing, photography or videography, and I can neither move forward with the idea or release my interest in that idea.

So, I began to look around the restaurant for simple inspiration and jokingly said that I should name the blog Copper Table because of the copper coverings for each table in the restaurant. We laughed and in my head, I dismissed the idea because it sounded too foody for what I envisioned this blog to be.

Of course, sometimes I may cover food, especially if I happen to indulge myself on something particularly exquisite, but I wanted my blog to be more. Something that would accurately depict my life as I experience it.

Our conversation moved on to other subjects like jobs, education and relationships, but in my head, I let my imagination wander. This led me to notice something that I had missed throughout our meal and that was her glass. She had made a habit of stabbing her straw into the crushed ice. So, I brought up the subject of a blog again and we came up with Cup of Crushed Ice. I liked it and the more we talked about it the more it made sense for me to use the name. I love crushed ice. (Read my tangent on cubed ice here.) It’s a simple aspect of life that I have found to be a cherry on top or the icing on the cake. It simply encompasses the detail and simplicity that I see in life. Therefore, my goal in writing this blog is to portray life as I see it. 🙂


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